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Current Areas of Ministry


Latin America

East Africa




We, the members of One Place, Inc., a body of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, are committed to follow the Lord’s leading in all of our endeavors and shall be guided by His kingdom principles as set out in His holy word, the Bible.



One Place, Inc. is a non-profit corporation legally chartered in the state of Arkansas and was established July 6, 2001.  It is recognized by the I.R.S. as a tax exempt charitable corporation under IRS code section 501(c)(3), and has been granted “Public Charity” status which under current law allows individual donors to receive a personal  income tax deduction for gifts to us of up to 50% of their adjusted gross income.



One Place, Inc. exists to facilitate the type of Christian ministry that not only aids and assists the needs of people, but also has the potential for an evangelistic opportunity.  Our outreach may encompass local, state, national, and international needs.  With this in mind, One Place can facilitate ministry in a number of different locations permitting donors to give to specific projects in specific places according to how the Lord is leading them.  As an example, one donor may be motivated to give for an orphan home project in Ecuador, a second donor be motivated to give for a water project in a village in Kenya, and a third donor be motivated to give for a battered child counseling project in Arkansas.

If the Lord is moving you to financially help somewhere, there is One Place that may be able to help you accomplish that.

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