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The current Board of Directors of One Place are three men who are employed in non-ministry occupations.  All are actively involved in ministry both here in the U.S. as well as in the target countries of our projects.  We are able to facilitate the administrative functions of One Place without salaries, and therefore all project donations pass through 100% for the intended purpose of the gift.

Our President, Doug VanDevender

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Doug presently is in the insurance enrollment business, but his history includes church planting and cross-cultural missions beginning in 1970 in Vietnam, and later into Latin America and East Africa.

He is also President of Transforming Prayer, a cutting edge ministry model that offers emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

Doug and wife Betty have three grown children and three grandchildren.

Our Sec.-Treasurer, Richard Cazzell
Our V.P., Dan Wessell

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Dan has a background in ministry both inside and outside the church.  While he has served as a pastor for 28 years, he also spent 7 years as a law enforcement chaplain, and 3 more years as a corrections chaplain in maximum security prisons.  He has assisted in church planting and for a number of years was instrumental in directing fundraising for missionaries and mission projects.  He presently serves bi-vocationally at a church while concurrently teaching at the collegiate level.  He and his wife Cheryl have one daughter and two grandchildren.

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Richard is a consultant in an employee benefits insurance firm, and has participated in missions service since 1989 including work in Africa, Central & South America, Singapore and China.  He and his wife, Kathy, have 5 (all married) children and 14 grandchildren. 

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