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One Place, INC.

Pastor and Evangelist, Fred Indangasi is the founder of               

Jesus Power Evangelism Ministries, Int'l.  Fred, his wife & son live in a suburb of Mombasa, Kenya.  He has been preaching the gospel of Jesus since 1994 and since that time well over a million souls have made 

decisions to become believers.

Fred has a powerful anointing on his life.  He is both a man of integrity and humility, and what you see in his personal life is a true ambassador of Christ.

Eunice & Fred


  • In 2020 we need 200 partners giving just $50 per month to meet the goal!  Can you be a part?

  • Can you make a monthly $50 gift and maybe recruit a person or two to look at this page and consider the same?  On the "Donate" page it's simple to elect a monthly recurring gift. Your card is charged each month and you may cancel it at any time. It's very easy & convenient.

  • We already have the equivalent monthly support of 46 donors @$50/ month. We need 154 more. (We will be updating this report weekly. Join us & spread the Word... literally!)

May the Lord richly bless you!

Average monthly ministry expenses are $10,000.  We are looking for MINISTRY PARTNERS. 

  • Partners are needed for prayer!

  • Partners are needed for financial support.


Fred's evangelistic team is in constant need of funds to provide for their crusade expenses. As they travel all across Kenya and into neighboring countries... Tanzania, Burundi & Uganda, there are funding needs for their gasoline, meals & lodging. Crusade events incur thousands of dollars in total costs, not only from the team travel expense but also the transport of the equipment (sound system, instruments, generators, lighting, etc.). Additional costs include required security teams, Bibles & other printed material to help the new believers get underway into discipleship training.


Your donations to Fred's ministry contribute directly to hundreds of lives won to Jesus!   A person is hard-pressed to find a more effective investment into the kingdom of our Lord.


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